The No More Plastic Logo

Some people have been puzzled by the logo for No More Plastic. It is a turtle with an unusual shape, caused by a 6-pack squeezing its shell as it grew. 

Plastic pollution, from discarded fishing nets to bottles and plastic bags, to tiny micro plastics almost invisible to the naked eye, are impacting marine creatures by the millions. Our turtle is an ambassador the for marine life struggling to survive in a sea of plastic.

This turtle was imagined by our founder Rosalie Mann because when she saw different documentaries, series about sea turtles (her son loves this prehistoric animal), she sadly discovered how we are injuring them with all our plastic waste.

This destroyed turtle is a symbol of our company, like a cry to say NEVER AGAIN.

Join us in asking for change. Sign the manifesto and tag your favorite brands asking them to stop using single use plastic.


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